The United States is not nearly as divided as you may think.

by timcoons910

The media distorts the people’s views of reality so much and it’s all finally starting to make sense. The best way to divide people is to make them think they’re enemies.Obviously half the countries democrat and half republican. It’s been that way for a long time now. But these extremist leftist viewpoints are not shared by the majority of the Democratic Party. So how do these laws keep passing? Elite manipulation.

Look around the world, no other country is even close to as free as America. This freedom will not last though. We are currently at war for the 2nd amendment and we are one of few countries where guns aren’t banned. Think how scary that is, the entire world population of civilians completely disarmed and unable to defend themselves or prevent the upcoming one world dictatorship.

81% of Americans think legal immigration should be lowered. Yet are boarders are unsecured. They can’t have secured borders in the u.s because the illegal immigrants are helping with the elites main cause of the u.s. To crash the American dollar. Also they help as an excuse for how in the hell democrats are winning elections when guys like Beto are openly attacking guns. Just think back to when Hillary lost. The media had it portrayed as she was gonna win by a landslide.

It’s kinda like gaslighting. When an abuser distorts the abused persons reality so much they think they’re going insane. We’re all being lied to and manipulated daily. Political corruption is not even hidden anymore. People are blinder than ever in 2019. If you look at history it always repeats itself when forgotten. We’ve seem to forget what happens when governments start disarming people.

Message to all of you anti gun people. I pray you don’t have to see the damage your causing in your lifetime because you wouldn’t be able to forgive yourself. I have nothing but pity for you because you’ve been so easily manipulated.

Good luck people



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