The US Army Is Being Set Up to Fail

by Chris Black

The tribe ruling the West just went full retard with their fake green agenda.

In other words, we are being set up to fail.

Imagine the reaction of Putin and Xi reading seeing this:

The US is drowning in debt. What is it now, 30 trillion and counting?

Isn’t anyone upset about this over-spending on more war products?

Now GM has a military department?

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Apparently a few get to enjoy such toys at our expense.

The US Army men have been vaccinated, thus they may have little time left and certainly will not be at their best on the battlefield.

They are creating these toys for the elite before the Big Bang.

Yeah…it has nothing to do with war or military preparedness.

I would sure like to read the Operational Requirements Document for this acquisition.

What military man could claim (with a straight face) that his service requires a vehicle built to these specs?

He’d be laughed out the building.


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