The US Cannot Realistically Defend Taiwan

by Chris Black

Reanimated corpse Pelosi becomes highest ranked US official to visit Taiwan.

Just like with the Ukraine-Russia situation, Taiwan is part of the Chinese empire for hundreds of years, its population is 99% ethnic Chinese, and, most importantly, the country is thousands of miles away from the US, which makes logistics in case of China invades quasi-impossible.

Basically, you cannot fight China on its own turf, short of using nuclear weapons. The Chinese army in 2022 is not the Chinese army in the nineties.

Any military expert can tell you that the Chinese military is incapable of being used offensively.

It is specifically designed to quickly repel a US attack on its soil or immediate surroundings.

So the US engaging China in the South China Sea means attacking them where they are the strongest. They will sink every aircraft carrier to the bottom of the ocean.

Also, what the media doesn’t tell you is that a big chunk of the Taiwanese population wants reunification with China.

The same thing is basically happening with Ukraine, with Eastern Ukraine being basically 90% ethnic Russian and looking to reunify with Russia.

These people are lying to you on purpose in the most absurd possible ways, telling you that Taiwan is somehow a separate country than China.

I’m not really surprised that Nancy didn’t announce the Taiwan visit and then went anyway.

Or at least, I shouldn’t be surprised.

This is a joke government.

This administration and DEMs are worried about drag shows and pronouns with our military and then this drunk goes and screws around with China?

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We own this however, as anyone who voted for this drunk is crazy.  We need term limits, stop congress trading in stocks, address post service lobbying, stop family lobbying “Hunter” etc.

Committee positions in Congress also need to be addressed; sorry, but Nancy can’t sit on that committee for 20 years and RINO’s and DEMs can’t be allowed to own committee appointments like they do today.

None of this will really happen though, we can’t even get accurate fair elections.

The people who run the USA regime have enjoyed world hegemony since 1989, which means they consider every corner of the globe within their “sphere of influence” (which is, hypocritically, a concept officially rejected by NATO).

Ukraine is to Russia as Mexico is to USA, and Puerto Rico is to USA as Taiwan is to China.

USA wouldn’t like Russian or Chinese activity in Puerto Rico or Mexico for the same reason Russia/China don’t like USA right up in their shit.

The difference is, the people who run the USA regime still think of themselves as global hegemon in a unipolar world.

Russia calling NATO’s bluff is an indication the people who run USA are losing their world hegemonic status and we are transitioning to a multipolar world.

Nancy Pelosi is trying to assert that old unipolar energy and say “not so fast.”

Bottom line, if they really wanted to send Nancy to invade, they could have just announced it.

Instead, they refused to announce it – then sent her jet on a bizarre course, flying all the way around the Philippines for no reason.

I’ve never seen anything remotely similar to this situation. These people just invent new confounding behavior patterns daily.

No good. No good.


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