The US Government privatized a whole city’s police force and their prison out to a convicted con man.

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by phraustyie

This is a lesser known story, that is all to true. We all know that things keep moving towards the privatized sector, but did you know that the US Government has already tested “private police” in a real world scenario? Well in 2009 they did just that. The small town of Hardin, Montana was the Government’s quiet testing ground of the first real full fledged private police. They acted as law enforcement but were accountable to no one and operated completely outside the limitations of the U.S. constitution. They were also given full control of a new prison with no inmates that was in the same area. All of this was under the guise of “vital anti-terrorism, homeland security and national defense needs”.

So who did the Government go to for this operation? To a convicted con man with an extensive criminal record, Michael Hilton. A man with over 15 known aliases. A man that just 2 years prior, in a 2007 was involved in a multi-million dollar fraud case in Australia. Michael Hilton registered the corporation “American Police Force” (APF), and later revised the name again to “American Private Police Force”, in 2009. Services offered by APF included “interdicting terror activity, interdicting weapons of mass destruction, international airline security, cheating spouse investigations, polygraph testing, kidnapping response, and weapons sales, including ‘Nuclear/Biological/Chemical (WMD). In reality his company was a fraudulent entity claiming to be a private military company. It never possessed any legitimacy to operate in the United States. The company’s previous logo was an exact copy of the Serbian state coat of arms which caused some controversy and resulted in the Serbian government threatening legal action against APF if it did not remove or change the logo.

Luckily the people of Hardin, Montana were not okay with what was going on and the operation was short lived. But it still existed, it really did happen, and it really can happen again. They will try! I will let you guys look into this a bit more for yourselves but everything about this is as dirty as it gets. I will list some sources below. I would love to hear some other peoples thoughts on this, say whats on your mind.


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