The US Justice System is a Joke

by Chris Black

25k bail and an ankle monitor?!?! Racist criminal justice system kneels on the neck of another Black Body.

He walked into the mall and thought he was defending himself from zombies! Nobody even died!

Why didn’t the judge and prosecutor cut Jewayne some slack? We all know the answer to that.

The suspect in a South Carolina mall shooting in which nine people were wounded has been released under house arrest and ordered to wear an ankle monitor after a judge set a $25,000 surety bond.

The suspect, Jewayne Price, is also barred from contacting any of the victims, Columbia police said on Twitter.

Price will be allowed to travel from his home to work while he is under house arrest.

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If you think there’s relief coming for the black crime wave, think again.

I looked into it. Nobody is doing anything. Nobody even has a plan.

I have seen evidence suggesting that the FBI dragged its feet in getting departments up to date on reporting software. They are not going to release 2021 crime statistics because they were an order of magnitude higher than 2020 (already a historically bad year) and they don’t want to make the Department of Justice look like the politicized and incompetent shit show it is.

According to their 2022 budget, the feds are using a significant portion of money marked for “urban” gun violence for laughable “criminal justice reform” programs (aka releasing repeat offender blacks who pose a threat to society back to the street) and wild goose chases searching far and wide for victims of “hate crimes” in places like Baltimore.

At this point I don’t think it’s part of some master plan, the people in the DoJ and FBI are just anti-white cultural leftists hermetically sealed in their echo chamber.


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