The Vaccine Mandate Economic Meltdown?

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by GreenDildoSurprise

So I was completely unaware of the issues with Southwest Airlines until late Sunday night. If you don’t know what’s going on, Southwest cancelled 1,800 flights over the weekend leaving their customers in chaos.

The company narrative is that this was due to weather and air traffic control issues. However, some quick googling revealed this little gem of an article. In summary, on Friday the pilot’s union asked a court to block Southwest from enforcing the vaccine mandate and an unusual number of pilots called in sick over the weekend. Coincidence? Looks mighty suspicious to me.

There’s also recently been a story of hundreds of LA firefighters threatening to sue over the mandate and New York expecting to have to call in the National Guard over nursing shortages. Without giving away too much personal information, I also happen to work for a large employer that would fall under the federal mandate. I can personally attest that there are enough employees refusing to take the vaccine that it will result in the shutting down of some critical operations.

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The market is already looking weak going into winter, and maybe economic disruption from vaccine protests will be what pushes it over the edge.

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