The vaccines didn’t fail, we just changed the definition of success…

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by Growacet

First the vaccines were: “Our ticket back to normal”. By immunizing a large % the population the virus would not be able to find enough vulnerable hosts to continue spreading.

When breakthrough infections first started coming to light in Israel we were told they were rare, that the vaccines were still doing their job and providing immunity to infection for the vast majority of the population.

Then when breakthrough became the norm, which is where we’re at now….now the bar for success has once again been lowered and we’re being told that all that vaccines were ever meant to do was reduce the incidence of severe disease.

See also  COVID vaccines in the US are authorized to PREVENT COVID 19. They are not approved for "reducing severity of symptoms or death."

GSK’s former head of vaccine development predicted what we’re seeing. He said that a mass vaccination campaign INTO a pandemic would lead to a vaccine resistant variant that would emerge and spread like wild fire…..something that was declared false by pink haired tech employee fact checkers with degrees in gender studies.

Now that his prediction has proven correct it might be worth listening to his current prediction…saying that as Omicron becomes the dominant strain in most of the world that it is going to get even better at defeating vaccine generated antibodies….and that further boosting the population will make things even worse by surpessing innate or narural immune responses…..


And if he’s right again I wonder if they’ll find some excuse to again say the vaccines are still working….I’m guessing that if the hospitals and icus start undeniably filling up with fully vaxxed and even boosted patients they’ll still say it would have been worse without the vaccines.


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