The Venmo Scammers are getting smarter

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by Aelsar

This happened a few months ago but it still shocks me a bit.

It started out around noon. I got an email saying someone tried to reset my password. I ignored it.

Hours later I got a call from someone pretending to be from venmo; very professional sounding. Said they had a breach on my account and asked about me authorizing a payment for a few hundred bucks and that I should’ve gotten an email about someone attempting to get in and that they were successful. I of course said no, and was a little alarmed for a second but decided to play along.

They had tried to spoof venmo’s number I think. All except the last digit of the number were the same, I know because I googled it while on the phone.

What really set me off was them saying I needed to reset my password to some password they were giving me in order to reverse that “fraudulent charge.” At this point I decided to play dumb and messed with them for a bit, kept them on the phone for a good 5-10 minutes by pretending I didn’t know the layout of the app and was trying to do what they said. I eventually got bored, told them I knew it was a scam. The man got angry and hung up on me.

It was obviously a scam in the end but I’ve never seen one they elaborate. Took them actual prep to try and reset my password so I’d get an email so I was on alert, then to call later acting like there was in fact a breach.



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