The very BEST speech by Judge Jeanine Pirro -EXCELLENT heartwarming/ At CPAC 2018

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Judge Jeanine Pirro Gives An EXCELLENT Speech At CPAC 2018

She has guns, she cusses and says Hell no, she didnt need anyone’s permission to own them and she isnt going to let anyone take them.
AND we all may need to defend America’s freedom
(anyone else might have been said to trying to raise up pple to arms!)
Very passionate speech! Great Lady!!
whew, at CPAC they really had great speakers! Ben on guns and media a must see,
Ben Shapiro Gives OUTSTANDING Speech @ CPAC 2018, Gets a Standing Ovation
h/t savcash

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4 thoughts on “The very BEST speech by Judge Jeanine Pirro -EXCELLENT heartwarming/ At CPAC 2018

    • A sovereign human being has the inherent right to defend himself or herself, citizens included. It is a birth right that does not need to be granted by another human being. It is also a right that cannot be taken away by another human being against his will. It can be voluntarily surrendered however, but not without consequences. I would rather deal with the consequences of defending that right than the consequences that come with surrendering it. I think it would be wise to conceal it at this time. Displaying it would be to the opponents advantage.

      • Unfortunately the Globalist have succeeded in dumbin down America to a point where a significant % of Americans should not carry or VOTE!

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