The View: Joy Behar Calls Clinton Rape Victims TRAMPS on National TV!

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Timestamp is 21:50.
I’m utterly floored that they can not only get by with this, but be CHEERED FOR IT in the National Media!
They have lost all validity as media spokespeople, AND certainly have lost all CREDIBILITY AS WOMEN.

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43 thoughts on “The View: Joy Behar Calls Clinton Rape Victims TRAMPS on National TV!

  1. This is it. Sharia Law has been embedded in the American psyche. I guess these bitches want to stone to death rape victims now?

  2. Bill Clinton was innocent. The ABA should never have disbarred him. Give his license back. They’re all tramps. Give the fine back too, with interest. Tramps!!!

  3. So, is that also their assessment of all the Bill Cosby ‘women’ that came forward? Double standard much? To have no standards is really pathetic. To trash other women victims because you admire the perp, is also extremely pathetic. Don’t watch those clowns; obviously she thinks what she says matters when it is only her political beliefs. Apparently her political beliefs come before rape victims.

  4. I failed to hear any sexual assault in Donald’s words. The phrase “They let you do it.” suggests a willing partner. His mount and dismount may be ham fisted, but that is a long way from assault.

  5. BOYCOTT The View until Joy Behar resigns or is fired. If Trump said this about rape victims, the MSM would report it 24/7 for weeks.

    • I never watched even 5 minutes of that idiotic show. They need to YANK it off the air now….before all their sponsors bail on them

  6. The dishonest media. Thanks to Wikileaks I can borrow a word from Hillary and call everyone on the View as a bunch of “Sandniggers.”

  7. Bill Clinton Raped And Assaulted Woman And Hillary Raped Them A 2nd Time
    Billy can RAPE multiple times.
    Hillary can ROB $6BILLION as S.O.S.
    Trump used NAUGHTY WORDS !!! OMG !!!! EOTWAWKI
    Wait a minute —- these shocked PANSIES are the SAME ONES who shout that ‘fuck, pussy” are FREE SPEECH …………. If all these women are offended by Trump talk, who bought 80 million copies of “Fifty Shades Of Grey?”
    “The very people, including many, many Republicans, who got on their high horse, their self-righteous high horses about this, are the same guys who turn on pornography when they are traveling in Marriott hotels, and who often sleep with their secretaries on Capitol Hill, and do many more, worse things than Donald Trump has done in his life.”
    Your TSA ‘officials” make lewd comments about pubescent girls …… that is SO much better.

  8. Daytime TV is a constant flow of JUDAS GOATS telling the average housewives, and at-homes what they are SUPPOSED to think. P.C. propaganda

  9. Why is anyone listening to or taking seriously a bunch of nobodies?
    This program is a great example of how dumbed-down Amerika has become.
    And unemployed.

  10. People who are violated tend to be more sympathetic to those who face tragedy like rape. People who habitually VIOLATE others, whether emotionally or physically or both, tend to show NO mercy or sympathy towards those in need of it. Screw this Joy woman(whoever she is) and may she someday get a taste of what she dishes out!

    • Try being homeless for a few months and your view will change considerably there Joy whateveryournameis Jerk. Hope you enjoy your next job cleaning toilets in the Trump Hotel near you.

  11. I hope you have a new job lined up there Ms Kikeadoodle as you’re going to need one when the ratings on your idiotic show go into the toilet and stay there. I hope you are raped sometime yourself and you will see what a “wonderful” experience that is.

  12. Judging from the comments on this POS’s facebook page, she doesn’t have many fans, at least not anymore. She should be locked up with Aaron Thomas (East Coast Rapist) for a few days, then see how she feels about rape victims.

  13. Typical posing Hillary bigot feminist hypocrite. All viewers should boycot ABC AND THEIR SPONSORS until lying bigot Hillary tool Joy Behar is fired! Bill Clinton is an abusive sexual predator that belongs in prison with his treacherous criminal wife.

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