The Vince Foster Case & AEP

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by Dave

That’s fascinating.  AEP has been the business editor for the Telegraph for years now.  I read his stuff and he comes across as a smart guy, if a bit stuck in the mainstream.

For him to say this about Vince Foster murder investigation is…well its just astonishing.  He’s not the kind of guy to go off into conspiracy land.  He is – therefore – so credible that I must therefore believe that whatever he wrote about this must be something approaching truth.

Conclusion: Kavanaugh is a swamp creature.  He chose being a swamp creature over going after the truth about Foster. He wasn’t unique about this (his whole team went along with the charade), but neither was he a particularly stand-up guy.

Vince Foster.  What is the secret that the special prosecutor – of the Clintons – would decide to wrap his whole team around an axle (along with the FBI investigators!) to cover it up?  What did Foster know?  And what would the prosecution of his murderer uncover?

This reminds me of the hints we got from the Nixon tapes about the 2IC at the FBI Mark Felt (“Deep Throat”): Haldeman said of Felt, “if we move on him, then he’ll unload everything.  He knows everything that is to be known at the FBI.”  Nixon left him in place, even though Felt was feeding Woodward information about Nixon that ended up taking him down.  And Nixon knew it!  For some reason, the unknown (and unspoken) danger from Felt far surpassed his activities as “Deep Throat.”  Felt terrified them all.

Same thing seems to be true about the Foster murder.  The truth, whatever it is, was incredibly important to keep secret.  AEP is such a credible source – he’s absolutely credible.

Fascinating.  There are some critical truths that cut clean across party lines.  The scandals we see only involve the stupid stuff.  Foster’s killer goes free (and the secret remains in place), while Clinton gets impeached for Monica Lewinsky.

Like Kavanaugh gets challenged by the sex stuff – rather than for his police-state leanings.

AEP.  Who would have thought?


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