The Violence “Epidemic” within the US– A Disturbing Sign of its Imminent Collapse

by GalacticLabyrinth88

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I don’t know if any of you in the US have been paying attention to the news lately, but the sheer amount of mass shootings/acts of violence that have occurred in recent days and in recent years within the country are deeply disturbing to me. The fact four mass shootings occurred in four major US cities in the span of 6 hours, and the fact the number of mass shootings in the US (as well as their death tolls) have been increasing since at least the past two decades (especially from 2018 onwards) are obvious signs that the American population is collectively losing its mind (itself a sign of social collapse and the loss of social cohesion in the US).

The US has a severe violence “epidemic” and a severe mental health crisis that is going unresolved and is not being talked about enough, likely as a byproduct of the atomization/isolation of the individual in American society, the normalization/over-saturation of violence in the media the psychologically corrosive effects of capitalism, social media, the outrageously underfunded mental health care industry (and the stigma surrounding mental health), the utter failure of the US public education system, government inefficiency, incompetence, and political gridlock, narcissism and the desire for fame, and abject poverty/extreme socioeconomic inequality (which causes people to commit crimes out of desperation and the need to survive). I personally don’t think access to guns is culpable for the rise in mass shootings in the US, since plenty of people nationwide own guns but don’t commit mass shootings–I think the problem goes way deeper and is primarily structural or systemic in nature, whether it’s by design or simply a result of incompetence.

I’m curious to hear what you guys think in the comments. Assuming current worsening trends regarding mass shootings, in the next decade or so, the number of mass shootings and violent events occurring in the US may get so high that going outside to most places will no longer be safe (not like they are nowadays–you can’t even go to school these days and not fear for your life). The rise in violence will also likely be exacerbated by extreme heat, climate change, loss of faith in established institutions, etc, ever worsening socioeconomic inequality, hyperinflation, rising prices for goods, austerity measures and high taxes imposed by the government, etc.

People at one point or another may find it safer to live in rural areas and leave the cities altogether, since they tend to be hotbeds for mass violence, terrorism, and other crimes (and this may become true if the news starts reporting dozens of mass shootings in just a few hours, or in just a few days). Local and state governments may have to implement stricter security measures as a way of “dealing” with the rise in shootings and violence (think of armed guards patrolling school grounds, or martial law, and other dystopian fascistic countermeasures), without actually getting to the root of the problem. This could potentially worsen the violence epidemic in the US until society quite literally breaks down and the US implodes because of its population’s descent into psychosis, madness, schizophrenic delusion, and more.

TLDR: The rising number of mass shootings and violent attacks in the US in recent days/years is a deeply disturbing trend that will worsen in the near future, and hasten the US’s social and psychological collapse. People have lost their minds.


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