Fed can NEVER raise rates, inflation is NOT transitory, and if you think otherwise you’re literally retarded

by d00ns

Here’s why:

1) Paul Volker had to raise rates to 20% to stop the inflation of the 1970s. WTF is 0.75% two years from now going to do?

2) In 2008 the Fed said QE and low interest rates were temporary. Temporary means 13+ years?

3) In 2018 the Fed tried to normalize interest rates and unload their balace sheet and THEY FAILED. They couldn’t even raise rates back then, before the money supply increased by 30%, before all the covid debt.

4) If just talking about a 0.25 increase two years from now crashes the market what do you think will happen when they actually do it? It’s bullshit propaganda. They will NEVER raise rates. They will choose an inflationary depression over a debt caused crash.

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