The WaPo Story About Trump “Misleading” is Misleading and Ignores Some Major Facts!

by Mark Angelides

The Washington Post’s shiny new story about the possibility of Donald Trump having mislead the American people by stage-managing the whole response to the “Russian Lawyer” meeting of Don Jr. is as inventive a piece of fiction as they can legally get away with. The use of “Anonymous sources” YET AGAIN, is becoming ludicrous. It lacks evidence, and in fact is easier to poke holes in then a pair of fishnet stockings.
The “Scandal” comes from the assertion that when news broke of Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a “Russian Lawyer, the President himself stepped in and stage-managed the whole event; dictating Don Jr.’s response to show that “he was approached first” and to play it down as “unimportant” and about “adoption” regulations.
The anonymous source’s “leaked” response was:
“This was .?.?. unnecessary.” “Now someone can claim he’s the one who attempted to mislead. Somebody can argue the president is saying he doesn’t want you to say the whole truth.”
“He refuses to sit still,” “He doesn’t think he’s in any legal jeopardy, so he really views this as a political problem he is going to solve by himself.” “Because Trump believes he is innocent, some advisers explained, he therefore does not think he is at any legal risk for a cover-up. In his mind, they said, there is nothing to conceal.”
But here’s the point. Even if this played out exactly as stated…It adds up to nothing! We already have the email chain that shows exactly who approached who first; and the fact that President Trump doesn’t want to listen to his advisers (one of whom is apparently the person speaking to WaPo) actually, in light of this constant leaking, makes a lot of sense. So where’s the scandal?
The real scandal is the fact that the Russian Lawyer on her visa application form listed her employer as GPS Fusion. The same company that was (and is) still employed to do damage to the Trump campaign. They were the ones employed by the DNC to put together the “Dodgy Dossier” and to find information to derail Trump. This whole thing is clearly just another exercise in getting the Democrats to power.
If we look at the facts as they really are…A woman employed by a company who is on retainer to the DNC arranges a meeting with a political opponent. The money she is being paid comes from the DNC coffers. So Don Jr. is actually meeting a paid representative of the opposing party. Nothing more and nothing less. The fact that she happens to be Russian is neither here nor there.
WaPo has served up a great big “nothing burger” and is patiently waiting for the rest of the media to chow down. It’s a joke. And what’s more, it’s another attempt at distracting the public from what is really going on in the halls of power.

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  1. I see absolutely nothing unusual in a father helping a son or vice versa. Fathers give advice to sons. Shocking!
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