It’s Time to Unite the Right and Protect Free Speech at All Costs

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by Robert Carbery

An alt-right event in Charlottesville, Virginia set for August 12th is drawing attention from political activists on both sides of the aisle. The Unite the Right Free Speech Rally is in response to the Antifa mobs cracking down on Americans’ First Amendment rights at the peaceful demonstration in support of a Robert E. Lee Monument on May 13.
From the Facebook event’s page: “This is an event which seeks to unify the right-wing against a totalitarian Communist crackdown, to speak out against displacement level immigration policies in the United States and Europe and to affirm the right of Southerners and white people to organize for their interests just like any other group is able to do, free of persecution.”
Members of the Nationalist Socialist Movement, League of the South, Identity Evropa, and many other right-wing groups will gather at Emancipation Park in Charlottesville for this rally, sure to be met with anti-protesters attempting to deny the right to free speech and assembly.
Self-described “pro-white” activist Jason Kessler is the host of the rally that could end up creating another slew of headlines and stories of the political violence instigated by members of Antifa and their ilk. Kessler’s attorney, Kyle Bristow, says the city is prohibited from relocating the rally, calling it “ridiculously unconstitutional.” However, many local residents and city officials are concerned at the possibility of violence coming to their town, similar to the clashes that occurred in Berkeley, California earlier this year.

If law enforcement does not do its job, the leftist thugs could prevent the rally from occurring, though that is unlikely to happen. Those on the right have a right to defend themselves if under assault.
Bristow said, “If the Charlottesville Police Department stands down on Aug. 12, it would not be farfetched to postulate that the alt-right rally participants will stand up for their rights by effectuating citizen’s arrests or by engaging in acts of self-defense. It would be imprudent, reckless, unconstitutional and actionable for the Charlottesville Police Department to not maintain order.” We saw what happened when the police stood down in Berkeley. If they get the order from on high, they will let these peaceful demonstrators be attacked by cowards claiming to be anti-fascists. This rally has to be allowed to continue and the police must do their best to defend everyone’s right to free speech. It appears to be moving full speed ahead.
The event will draw leaders and supporters of groups working to further the defense of the West. White people are under attack in many ways as multi-culturalism has been shoved down our throats for decades. We are starting to see the backlash and alt-right/nationalist movements are becoming more normalized after each passing month, especially after witnessing the destructive and debilitating violence perpetrated by left-wing hate groups such as Antifa and BAMN (whose leader was finally arrested!).
National Socialists are commonly lumped together with Nazis, though that is a major misconception. The followers of this ideology are putting their country and people first. They crave defending our ingrained culture as opposed to instilling diversity to the detriment of our society. They do not support costly wars overseas or giving away billions of dollars to other countries when we have millions of Americans suffering here at home. They are not racists. They are race realists in that they understand there are differences between different races. They are not white supremacists looking to enslave African Americans. They are red-blooded Americans fighting for what they believe in. Black Lives Matter can support one ethnic group over another and even spout hate speech against the police and they are heralded as brave members furthering a noble cause by the mainstream media, but those trying to fight for American culture and what they believe in by emphasizing our shared European roots are racist and bigoted?
Authorities cannot shut down this rally and restrict these groups’ free speech simply because of the possibility of violence and disorder. This principle is known as the “Heckler’s veto” and both Bristow and another attorney Lloyd Snook mentioned this in recent comments surrounding the rally.
“In First Amendment theory, it is fundamental that a government cannot regulate speech based on its content, including on the fact that some people may be hostile to it,” Snook wrote on his law firm’s website.
While the city could theoretically stop the Unite the Right rally as it is going on, this would be highly suspect and quite a high legal hurdle to get over. It won’t happen because the groups putting on the rally are coordinating with law enforcement to ensure a seamless day of patriotism.
The city will allow the rally to occur as planned and must prepare for it as needed. Police are obligated to ensure the safety of the attendees no matter the content of the speeches and they must defend the peaceful demonstrators from those that want to shut them down simply because they label them racists and bigots and have no other rational argument to rely upon.  
It’s time to unite the right and defend the West from those that seek to destroy us.
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  1. Regimes like once Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russia – had to silence their population. We always thought that would never happened in the Western hemisphere until the Neo-Zio-Nazi regimes of the US and in to many other places in the West took over.
    Get rid of Judea, Israel and their followers – before it is to late.

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