The War in Ukraine Is Already Over And Guess Who’ll Pay For Everything?

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by Chris Black

The Ukrainians have lost the Donbas and Crimea and are never getting it back.

They have signalled that they will agree to not join NATO.

A formal surrender on these points would end the Russian military operation. 

Yet, the Ukrainian military continues going scorched earth and wrecking its infrastructure just to somewhat inconvenience the Russian forces, who don’t even plan to occupy the country.  

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Who is going to pay to rebuild the country when this is over? 

The taxpayer in the European Union and US of course. 

One conservative estimate is that it will cost at least 100 billion Euros to rebuild Ukraine. 

Quite an expensive theater performance just to give the Russians what they have been asking for since 2014. 

All a show so that demoralized queers, Jews and “digital nomads” can feel like somebody somewhere in the world will actually fight for the George Soros Open Society. 

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