The War is About Russia and the US, Not Ukraine

by Chris Black

While learning about the crisis between Ukraine & Russia, I’ve come to understand that it’s more accurate to regard the crisis as being between Russia and the United States or, more accurately still: between the Eastern and Western oligarchies, of which the west seems more fundamentally Judaic and degenerate, but this is only my current understanding.

To know what’s actually happening between Russia and Ukraine we need to know what NATO is.

NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a “military alliance” between the US and most of Europe.

Basically, the rootless oligarchs who control the western world from out of the US use NATO to control what the majority of Europe’s military forces do.

Every European country in NATO pretty much obeys the orders coming from out of the US, especially Britain. Germany and France sometimes complain but not very much.

Despite denying it, the oligarchs in the US have been trying to make Ukraine a member of NATO since 2008 and have essentially already turned Ukraine into a de-facto member of NATO and a US military base.

Russia (Putin) doesn’t like NATO.

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Putin doesn’t want a US military base conducting all sorts of war propaganda and weapon experiments rubbing up against Russia’s border.

Putin hasn’t been vague about his intentions and has openly stated that he will destroy Ukraine before he allows it to become a member of NATO.

Putin doesn’t even really try to engage in discussion with NATO or any European member of the alliance, because everyone at NATO just does whatever their overlords from the US tell them to do, so there really isn’t much point.

That is the Russian justification for the invasion of Ukraine, as I understand it. Putin has security concerns and he would be stupid if he didn’t have them.

This is not my declaration of support for Russia. I’m not Russian and I don’t live in Russia, I have no business supporting any foreign interests.

It’s my opinion that to end hostilities and prevent an on-going war, Ukraine would need to be made into a neutral state and neither the merchant-men of the east nor the western globo-homo fag-patrol should be permitted to have any presence or influence there, but this will never happen.

No one likes to give up the ground they’ve gained and neither NATO nor Russia care enough about the Ukrainian people to avoid war there.


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