What’s very important to understand is the US or “western governments” are not of the western or white people.

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by Chris Black

The western administration is disconnected from and alien to the western people, whether the people are German workers or American soldiers or French police officers, western government elites don’t care about the lives of these people, and that’s why pretty much every effort has been made to turn Ukraine into a de-facto member of NATO even though Putin warned them not to do it.

Because it’s not the government and elites of the west who will be fighting the Russian army and suffering the consequences of open warfare, it’ll be white men fighting and dying, white women and children raped and killed.

Because when you’re Jewish for example, like Ukraine’s President and Prime Minister are; when you’re not even a member of the nation you’re leading and only wearing that nationality like a skin-suit and for your own purposes, then what sense of duty could you have towards the dumb masses you’ve duped?

When you’re a foreign interloper who through swindling and tricks has acquired leadership over a nation of people to whom you don’t belong, those people are like cannon fodder to you. Your concern for them is comparable to a concern for excess livestock. Even if you lose this stock, you can still retreat to one of your many other farms where there’s plenty more stock to work with.

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If you’re directly involved in this war, protect your community and your own people but avoid state military service and do not allow yourself to be spelled by any war propaganda, from either side.

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