The Washington Football Team Investigation: Cheerleader Prostitution, Corrupt Ownership, and 650k Emails. Outcome? Raiders Head Coach Forced to Resign, Is This a Joke?

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by banditorama

You want to talk about massive corruption? Look no further than the no name NFL team.

They more or less pimped out cheerleaders against their will

First, they took the cheerleaders’ passports. Then, they told them they were required to be topless for a photo shoot as sponsors and FedExField suite holders, who all were men, watched. Then, some of the cheerleaders were told they had to be personal escorts to sponsors at a nightclub.

Top level executives harassed female employees

Many described the culture as one of fear, and numerous female employees reported having experienced sexual harassment and a general lack of respect in the workplace,” the report says.

Many of these instances, according to the report, went unnoticed or ignored by team leadership.

“In some instances, senior executives engaged in inappropriate conduct themselves, including use of demeaning language and public embarrassment. This set the tone for the organization and led to key executives believing that disrespectful behavior and more serious misconduct was acceptable in the workplace,” the report says.

Plus god knows what else in a report that WILL NOT be released including the rest of the 650k that aren’t related to now ex-Raiders coach John Gruden.

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They didn’t even question the former head coach at all during the investigation

So, Dan Snyder once again is off scott free and the league decided to sacrifice John Gruden in order to divert attention away from the actual criminal issues of the football team itself. I don’t condone Gruden’s actions but why him?

Compare him to Chief’s offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy

Bieniemy was also linked to allegations that Colorado’s football program “used alcohol and sex to lure recruits.” ESPN reported in 2004 that the university discovered there was evidence of drugs and alcohol being used to “entice recruits,” but no university officials were guilty of misconduct.

John Gruden looks like a saint. Hell, Britt Reid, Mike Vrabel, and many others have done much much worse things than say a few controversial words. Yet, outside of Britt (who’s alcoholism finally caught up to him) these coaches are respected and loved by the league.

The NFL is covering up all kinds of illegal, questionable, and reprehensible behavior on the behalf of team owners. Why Gruden? Is it because he called Goodell an “anti-football p**sy” among other things?

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