The week’s riots in France show Europe’s future, and perhaps ours

by Fabius Maximus

Summary: The latest bout of migrants rioting in France show Europe’s future, and perhaps America’s. Millions of proud people will mold the West into a society more to their liking. Violence is a standard tools to do so, because it works.

After four days of riots, the latest wave of violence by immigrants has burnt itself out. To be followed by marches and increased political activism. The pattern is familiar to anyone in Europe who is paying attention. Underpaid and lightly trained police patrol poor areas with high rates of unemployment and crime. The use violence to control the residents, who respond with violence. Often accidents result, setting off bouts of more intense violence.

This the product of open borders in France, fruits of programs of Europe’s rulers to reshape its society. The Right sees migrants as tools to crush upstart workers with their high wages and extensive protections. The Left sees them as voters to defeat their political foes and crush their culture, the bourgeois (middle class) that they have passionately hated since WWII.

Both can win for a while, as the combined power of Left and Right allows them to ignore objections of the middle. The confused middle alternates between voting for the big centrist parties, baffled that little changes. In Germany the big center parties ally, eliminating any effective choice for voters.

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Both sides ignore the likely result. These immigrants are not pawns. They are proud people, albeit mostly undereducated and poor, from cultures with histories as long as Europe’s. Many are Muslim, with a history as glorious as that of the Christian West. The come from many nations. But inevitably if slowly they have recognized that they have more in common with each other than with their rich arrogant hosts, whose political leaders seek to use them. They feel their power as their numbers grow, especially as they see the spiritual weakness of Europe’s senescent society. They see themselves as the future.

Hence the age-old cycle: bouts of violence followed by mobilization, organization, and political activism. The Left and Right believe in multiculturalism. Neither asked the migrants about their opinion. Both will find that many migrants have beliefs about society and politics, and will force Europe to accept them.

Right-wing parties have begun to arise in opposition to the open borders. This will slow the evolutionary process. But Europe has probably passed the point of no return, beginning a journey to a new society whose outlines cannot yet be seen.

As usual, America lags behind Europe in this trend. But our Left and Right share the goals of Europe’s. In the 1970’s both began prying open our borders — relying on propaganda based mostly on lies. The results have been slow to appear, due to America’s ability to assimilate foreigners. But the numbers will eventually have the same effect as in Europe.

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Immigration is the key political battle of our time, showing how elites on the Left and Right work against the middle. Populism has stronger roots in America than Europe, and the Right has partially wrestled control of immigration away from the GOP’s leaders. So the Left has doubled down, making open borders (suitably disguised) as their central issue. If that continues, the 2020 election will be one of the most important in US history. Most political policies are reversible. Mass migrant flows are not. They arrive here from failed states around the world, permanently.

News about the latest bout of migrants’ riots

There are some indications of small scale action by left and right activists helping the migrant rioters and police, respectively.


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