The White House Is Toying With The MSM – There Can Be No Other Explanation For This Morning’s Fake News Frenzy Re: Rosenstein…

by semlaw

It was a canary trap. All the stories are slightly different!

And there are more variations to the story by other reporters. This could be an effort to root out suspected leakers in the WH by disseminating variations of this major storyline to various departments/agencies. By determining who is leaking to who, they can analyze past news leaks to narrow down a list of suspects by who would have had access to the information that was leaked. They needed a story with great media interest, a variety of plausible outcomes and timed on a date when Rosenstein would be at the White House. He was there for an NSC briefing Principals meeting which may indicate this was John Kelly’s John Bolton’s play??

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I’m wondering if Rosenstein is cooperating in this sting? He would have an incentive to cooperate after being burned by WaPo this past Friday. What if all the wild leaks with different variations flowing out of the White House about him wearing a wire/ 25th Amendment (he was joking, he was serious, etc.) are part of this sting…?


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