The whole area around Baltimore and DC is fast becoming a “no go zone” wasteland!

President Biden’s socialist policy of having the government match or even surpass what private firms are paying has resulted in labor shortages countrywide. Shortages are rippling through every low-skill/low-paying job as people don’t want to work anymore. The problems are becoming so severe in one Maryland county that essential services, such as solid waste collection, are being affected.

Baltimore County, the third-most populous county in the state and borderlines Baltimore City, employs dozens of private companies to pick up residential trash. At least one company is experiencing a severe labor shortage of either CDL drivers or trash throwers, according to local news Fox45. This has resulted in trash, recycling, and yard material collection delays, and in some neighborhoods, garbage is piling up.

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“We went to the hauler and asked what the situation is,” Michael Beichler, bureau chief of Baltimore County’s solid waste management department, said. “He’s having a rather common issue at this time. Lack of staffing … From unemployment compensation to people just who don’t want to do the work anymore.”


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