The Whole Nike Kaepernick Extravaganza is Stupid

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by Chris Black


To begin with, any person who believes  that Che Guevara was a hero and a role-model instead of a genocidal commie-terrorist is an idiot and an ignorant An idnorant, here, I just made up a word. Period. End of story.  Also, any person who believes that America is not the greatest country in the world is an idnorant. These truths are self evident to me, and to anyone who has basic knowledge of history and world affairs. Which brings us to Colin Kaepernik, who’s clueless on these issues.


 To tell you the truth, I don’t even know who this guy is. Really now. Except from the fact he’s very good at chasing a ball, like I used to do in high-school, he made over 100 million bucks out of this racket (only in America you can do that by the way), and then, after his career went south, he decided (while standing on the bench pecking at his smart-phone and presumably reading BLM/Antifa propaganda given to him by his girlfriend) to protest  police killing blacks by deriding the whole national anthem, thing i.e. to go full social justice warrior over…racial issues? Mind you, this dude is black, and he’s the perfect story of meritocracy-based black-success if it ever was one (just like with the whole NFL, which is like 70 percent black). Also, he was adopted by a white family, yet he seems to hate whites and America, the country that made him both famous and rich.



Moving along with the story, this burnout football player who started the whole kneeling-during-playing-the-national-anthem extravaganza, managed to achieve something beautiful: NFL’s ratings dropped like a stone following the American public backlash on what has been perceived as disrespectful and stupid, i.e. people pay big bucks to watch players play football, not lecturing them on politics and social justice issues. Of course, Kaepernick wasn’t acting alone. There were lots of football players who decided to join the virtue-signaling show, and to protest whatever they thought would be cool and trendy and gives them social media “rep” and likes on Twitter and Facebook.


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The funny thing is that Nike, formerly an American company, and now a multinational corporation which has sweatshops all around the world, has decided to make this guy, the washout NFL player Colin Kaepernick, the new face of Nike. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. I mean, this is hilarious, from my point of view. What’s even more hilarious is the fact that a bunch of people, mostly right-wingers/conservatives obviously, started calling for boycotting Nike and protested Kapernick’s new job by burning gear and creating a hubbub on social media. Okay, that’s their right, it’s a free country after all. Just like Nike has every right in the world to lose half of its potential customers, i.e. people who love Donald Trump (that’s half of America) and hate Kaepernick and his anti American/anti white rhetoric.


The thing about corporations is that they’re usually led by dumb people. People so dumb they can’t understand that America is not CNN nor The Young Turks or Rachel Maddow. America, most of it, is not communist, but conservative. Americans are not communists, nor socialists, and they don’t hate themselves. America, most of it, is pro MAGA. And yes, Kaepernick is the exact opposite of the MAGA agenda. He hates the country, he thinks America is fundamentally/institutionally racist, he believes blacks don’t have a chance to succeed in America, white people are bad and all that. He’s basically a moron.


Now, Nike’s announcement about Kaepernick being the new face of the company just wiped three billion dollars from market value. And this is just the beginning. However, Nike is a multinational company. Their greatest market is not the US anymore. They don’t care about the American public. Because they’re dumb, and because China has 4x the US population. And 90%+ of Nike’s merchandise is made in China, Vietnam and similar places.


Every American needs to be reminded that the Nike brand was built on the backs of foreign slave children. They have some damn nerve claiming that they hold the moral high ground, but that’s the corporate culture nowadays. It’s always the dollar that trumps everything else.


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The question is,why did they do it? Why did they chose Kaepernick, of all people? Don’t they read the news? Didn’t they know what happened to the NFL? Well, as I told you, corporations are led by dumb people generally speaking. Look at Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and other geeks, who had a great idea at some point in their  youth (or stole a great idea from somebody else, like Zucc/Steve Jobs did), then after they built awesome companies and great products, they began to destroy themselves by politicizing their business, taking sides and so on and so forth. That’s why they’re dumb. They couldn’t stop from letting their political bias to influence their business model once they’ve achieved greatness. That’s a no-no procedure.


And Nike didn’t learn squat from history. Kaepernick was chosen because he’s perceived by many to be young, bold and rebellious. Incidentally, this is Nike’s self-described corporate-image. In a lot of ways, he does fit the brand. The problem with Kaepernick’s rebelliousness is that it was interpreted by his haters (and there are many) to be anti American, even if he was actually protesting (in a stupid way) alleged racial-bias with regard to police brutality.


If you ask me, Nike is going to lose more than they’re gaining. Conservatives have long memories and they’re not into brand attachment over their political beliefs. Even if Nike has some great products, they’re not made in America anymore, and this is going to be bad for the company in the long run. However, it’s stupid to judge one’s political preference by his footwear, you know what I mean? Or to beat up people just for wearing a red MAGA hat.


This is what the left has achieved in 8 years of Obama dividing the country on racial/gender lines, plus 2 years of Impeach 45 over retarded talking points and imaginary crimes and misdemeanors. We can’t have a normal discussion anymore about anything. Everything is politicized, everything is “us vs them”. And yes, ‘they’ started it. They created this situation. And it’s stupid.


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