The Wojcicki Beasts Worst Nightmare – Critikal – The Last Surviving YouTuber…Breakdown of How You Tube Turned Into “They Tube” And Rolled Out Corporate Focused Generic Scoring To Rate Channels As Suitable For Monetization And Public Viewing

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WillyMacShow channel breaks down how You Tube became “They Tube” and has turned into a corporation focused entirely on promoting material that perpetuates the system controllers deceptive narratives and sheepherding Hollywood puppets.

The video provides images proving how channels that produce honest hard working content are pushed down in the rankings and losing subscribers due to They Tubes agenda driven thought control policies that benefit the system controllers.

Youtube Rewind Is Dead – 4.22 Million Subscriber Channel Explains How You Tube Became “They Tube” And Promotes Only Crap The Corrupt System Designates Fit For Public Consumption



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