The World Is Fed UP With Expensive Renewable Energy

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by Natura Naturans

The EU statistics show a dramatic decline in Renewable energy projects. German cities and towns have rebelled against wind farms destroying old growth forests for bird killing, ugly, noisy wind turbines:

The rate of renewable energy installations in the EU in 2018 was less than half the maximum level achieved in 2010. Both onshore Wind power and Solar PV are demising rapidly.…gy-uptake/…ive-costs/

[Image: Screen-Shot-2019-05-12-at-07.59.15.png]

The European renewables industry press, which is usually unequivocally upbeat in its assessments, is currently reporting a broad spectrum of substantial problems in the sector, ranging from bankruptcies and technical problems to tepid policy support and increasing public resistance.…moon-over/…le-energy/

A new study by the University of Chicago shows installing renewable energy ALWAYS raises electricity costs to consumers SUBSTANTIALLY!
Wind/solar mandates are a costly fail, reports University of Chicago study

Even minimal increases (1-4%) in wind/solar raise electricity prices 11-17%. Reducing CO2 emissions costs $130 to $460 per ton. Disaster. Don’t believe us. Believe the University of Chicago.…ago-study/



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