The world is on drugs…

by SchwarzLotus

SS: Almost everyone in the world is on drugs, because the most important events make the least sense. Let me recap some observations from this past week or so:

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  • Europe is buying natural gas from their sworn enemy, Russia
  • The US is accusing other counties of creating WMDs
  • I’m being told to enjoy $5 gas because it makes an $80,000 electric car seem more affordable
  • Press Secretary Jen Psaki, released a video where she’s directing US energy policy, despite zero oil industry experience
  • Kamala Harris laughed in Poland when asked about plans for helping Ukrainian refugees escape war (a somewhat serious topic)
  • Joe Biden hosted a “key” meeting with 30 TikTok influencers (VIPs)
  • Actor Sean Penn tried negotiating fighter jet sales to Poland
  • Car maker Elon Musk challenged President Putin to a fight, while wagering land he doesn’t own
  • A $1.5 trillion bill was passed at 2:30AM
  • A war in Europe cured a pandemic in North America
  • Mortgage interest rates are less than the rate of inflation
  • Ugly cartoon NFT art, is the best performing investment class… ever

I can’t make sense of anything. Maybe it’s just me…




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