The World Is Shutting Down Due To Coronavirus, Global Economy in Freefall

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Meanwhile the supply chain issues seem to be getting serious. I think in the coming weeks China might have to make a decision between aggressive quarantine and a progressing supply chain collapse like the one described in a paper I submitted a couple days ago. Remember the supply chain is global too. These articles give a bit of an idea of the problems at hand.

The Virus Is Interrupting Supply Chains From Watches to Lobsters

World Economy Shudders as Coronavirus Threatens Global Supply Chains

Nissan, Honda delay restart of some China plants due to coronavirus

not really supply chain but… Coronavirus Epidemic Puts Some Global Airlines on the Brink

I really wonder if its sustainable for the world to fight the spread of the virus with such aggressive tactics.

If only the WHO didn’t tell the world not to shut down transport links with China a month ago.

Some of the world’s biggest economies are on the brink of recession


The ECB Is in For a Coronavirus Shocker


Economic impact of coronavirus outbreak deepens


Coronavirus puts global recovery at risk, IMF tells G20


Hong Kong Companies Have No Safety Net in Fight for Survival

Hong Kong is being threatened by a “Tsunami-like” cataclysm, the city’s finance chief has warned, as the new coronavirus devastates businesses already hobbled by months of anti-government protests. The financial hub’s lack of a bankruptcy process will only exacerbate the pain.


With Gold Surging, Miners Face Payouts Versus Production Dilemma

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