The WORST Contraction Since the Financial Crisis! Fed Pressured To CUT Before Crash

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As time goes on, we see more risk taking. More of a departure from reality. A time in which nothing makes sense but who cares, let’s party. We’re almost approaching 2020 and this is beginning to resonate from 100 years ago. The Roaring Twenties. A time in which the Fed opened the taps, the people felt the affluence, and everyone benefited and bathed in the infinite prosperity. Except, that was a dream turned nightmare.

Fed to cut rates for first time since 2008 amid trade war

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(1) Sven Henrich on Twitter: “Central banks 2009-2018: We will print $20 trillion & cut rates to nothing & that will reach our inflation goals. Central banks 2019: Ok, none of that worked so let’s print more & cut rates again. Trust us we know what we’re doing.” / Twitter

(1) Sven Henrich on Twitter: “Perspective: Current US Stock Market Capitalization: 144.8% of GDP Peaked in 2017 at 154% For reference: The previous 2 peaks came in at 146% in 2000 & 137% in 2007. Asset prices remain historically disconnected from the size of the underlying economy. Sustainability: Questionabl” / Twitter

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