The worst examples of critical race theory in schools

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Below you can find some of the worst excesses of critical race theory:

1. Children for communism

Earlier this year, a whisteblower uncovered a fifth grade social studies lesson in Philadelphia which asked students to celebrate the “black communist” Angela Davis. Students were asked to act out “free Angela Davis” rallies, demanding that the government release the Black Panther from prison on charges of murder, conspiracy, and kidnapping.

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The Philadelphia public school system released an “Antiracism Declaration” last summer which said educators must “no longer be passive or disjointed in [their] approach.”

“…Race is the social construction that set the foundation and built the infrastructure for the United States we know today,” the memo read. “Racism is the root of all other forms of injustice and provides the nourishment needed for other systems of oppression to thrive. As such, in order to destroy the tree, we cannot simply pick at the leaves or chop away at the trunk, we must destroy the root.”

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2. BLM’s Buffalo soldiers

The Office of Culturally and Linguistically…




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