The year that Hillary Clinton’s State Department did the “peer review” of the US Treasury

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by AIsuicide


Note: The following are some of the key audits the State Department decided to focus on…there is a very brief summary of their findings after each….pay attention to the Treasury Foreign Intelligence Network audit specifically.

Table 1. Review of Reports Performed by the Department of the Treasury OIG Report No. Report Date Report Title

OIG-08-030 04/09/08 TERRORIST FINANCING/MONEY LAUNDERING: Responsibility for Bank Secrecy Act Is Spread Across Many Organizations

OIG-08-036 06/12/08 BILL AND COIN MANUFACTURING: BEP Needs to Enforce and Strengthen Controls at Its Eastern Currency Facility to Prevent and Detect Employee Theft

OIG-08-038 07/21/08 ACCESSIBILITY OF FINANCIAL SERVICES: OCC Is Appropriately Using HMDA Data in its Risk Assessment Process to Identify Possible Discriminatory Lending Practices

OIG-08-040 07/25/08 CAPITAL INVESTMENTS: Treasury Foreign Intelligence Network Project Experienced Delays and Project Management Weaknesses

This is how you gain power in Washington DC…

Disclaimer: I did not start out looking for anything that had anything to do with Hillary Clinton.

My search was simply this…who audits the Treasury Department.

At first I was looking for who audits the Federal Reserve (Specifically, the independent auditor, outside of the Reserve and the GAO)…I found that, last audit was done by KPMG…OK, so far, so good..

But we know how our dirty little minds work…what else did KPMG audit? How about the Army in the recent Pentagon audit?

Now, it may be just me, but my Spidey senses start to get a yucky jangly feeling when I find out that KPMG has the books for both the Army and the Reserve banks. Seems like a conflict of interest.

Thus my journey began…

OK, so my next question was, of course, who cuts the Pentagon their checks?

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The Treasury Department does…OK….so off I go to find out which independent auditor, if any, does the audit on the Treasury.

Well…here’s where it gets interesting…because although it’s mentioned in every “peer review” that yes, there are IPAs used to audit the Treasury.. I still can’t find out who did the audit.

What I did find was some very interesting language within these peer reviews. By the way, these peer reviews are conducted every 3 years…by an agency other than the Treasury…Examples: State Department, Department of Education, Social Security etc…

I also found that the last 3 reviews use the same exact template when initially describing what they did, how they did it, by whose rules they did it…it’s very generic “actually tells you nothing” language.

Anyways…imagine my surprise when I find out about these “peer reviews”…imagine my surprise when I find out that it just so happened to be the State Department under Hillary Clinton to conduct the peer review in 2009…

Imagine my surprise when I find out that one of the audits that they focused on for reviewing was the TFIN…(Treasury Foreign Intelligence Network)

Imagine my surprise when I find out what the TFIN is…

Treasury Foreign Intelligence Network: The TFIN system is the Department’s only Sensitive Compartmented Information-level system that receives and stores information used for daily intelligence analysis for senior Treasury policymakers as well as actionable intelligence for use by other agencies within the Intelligence Community (IC). The system enables analysts to provide critical insights into the threats to economic stability in countries/regions important to U.S. interests and policy objectives, and to assess financial vulnerabilities, impact of sanctions, and threats to critical financial infrastructure. Program management goals will be achieved by ensuring reliable, secure, efficient, effective, and technologically current IT infrastructure and software applications. Progress towards these goals will be measured through diligent monitoring of meaningful cost, schedule, and performance metrics focused on supporting the Treasury’s intelligence mission.

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Yeah, Hillary (I can’t remember why I had an unsecured server and no .gov email) Clinton gets to review the only “SCIF” level department of the Treasury…

Now I know what your going to say…’re over thinking this…just because the State Department is doing the peer review doesn’t mean that Hillary has anything to do with it…they have their own auditors/inspector generals that handle this stuff…

And you would be right…which is why I decided to check out who Klemstine was…the lady who signed her name on the peer review…

And wouldn’t you fuckin know it…one more exception to the rules when Hillary Clinton is involved…always these exceptions…it’s like, everywhere she goes, everything she does, everything she says or everything that happens to her….contains exceptions. One might almost say that everything she touches ends up being tainted with hubris.

Anyways…I digress…what’s the exception this time?

Let’s google search Klemstine/Hillary Clinton.

God dammit Hillary…why??? Why is it that everywhere you go something just isn’t quite right that ends up working out just the way you need it to?

I point to the review assessment that Hillary’s State department gave the TFIN audit…

I mean, if you were looking for ways to get your own people in there…that’s exactly how you would do it…

My research on this is far far far from over…and I still have to find out which independent auditor audited the Treasury Department last…and I swear to god if I find out it was KPMG….I swear to god….it better not be.


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