The Zionist Conspiracy to Censor the Internet

Israeli students are paid $2,000 to work five hours per week to “lead the battle against hostile websites.” Teams are responsible for creating original content in a news format.
The monitoring team is responsible for “monitoring efforts while reporting and removing anti-Semitic [sic] content from social networks in a variety of languages.” (The program conflates criticism of Israel with antisemitism; see below.)
The New Media team is responsible for social media channels, “including Facebook accounts in English, French and Portuguese, Twitter, YouTube channels, and so on.”
The Wikipedia team is “responsible for writing new entries and translating them into languages that operate in the program, updating the values of current and relevant information, tracking and preventing bias in the program’s areas of activity.”
Yet all we hear about are these darn Russian trolls trying to influence us with there cat pictures and Bernie Bro Coloring books.
How is what Israel is doing any different? Oh, that’s right it is different. It’s very different because it is much more direct and much more damaging to the US by way of influencing our politicians and our policies.

According to the Forward, also produces “pro-Israel web content that carries no logo. It distributes that content to other pro-Israel groups, including the Adelson-funded Jewish fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi and The Israel Project, which push them out on their own social media feeds.”
The Forward predicts: “Initiatives in cyberspace seem likely to increase.”

Let’s just take a look at just one of the missions of TIP. Let’s look are the constant urging of US forces to fight never ending wars in the ME and the perpetual provocation to do Israel’s bidding.

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Israel is a critical U.S. ally that promotes American interest in freedom, security and democracy in an increasingly unstable region. Israel is the only country in the region that guarantees freedom for all – regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Israel is an unsinkable aircraft carrier for U.S. interests in the Middle East and her soldiers stand on the front lines in the worldwide battle against terror. In this critical time, Israel’s diplomatic relations with the rest of the world couldn’t be more important.

Side note here. It’s interesting that they state Israel is an unsinkable aircraft carrier for the US considering what they did to the USS Liberty
So the real question is this: why the need for employing a literal army to defend/control/manipulate/lie about your country and it’s activities?
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12 thoughts on “The Zionist Conspiracy to Censor the Internet”

  1. $400 an HOUR, how MUCH DID the Israeli DEMOLITION TEAM make for doing 911?
    must have been a FORTUNE, when will they DO IT AGAIN?
    PERHAPS they could GET THEM for TAX EVASION?

    • Haven’t you heard? They told us that document was a hoax. It’s just coincidence that every prophecy in it has come true exactly as it describes.


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