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What if you discovered that our grandparents’ and parents’ generations barely survived an all-out coordinated attack designed to starve out and permanently obliterate the American middle class and restore a two-class system run by the global financial elite? Or worse: what if you learned beyond a doubt from first-hand accounts that this heinous campaign has been perpetrated for over a century AND STILL BEING WAGED by a collusion of corrupt government leaders and trans-national financiers? Our guest faced just such a chilling revelation, and chose to go public with his findings, at great personal risk.
Wayne Jett, attorney who has argued cases before the US Supreme Court, and author of the scholarly book “The Fruits of Graft,” joins Reluctant Preppers for this first segment in a blistering expose of corruption and genocide perpetrated by US Presidents at the bidding of the real owners behind international banks and off-record governmental organizations which have been pulling the strings at our families’ expense for generations.
You owe it to yourself and your ancestors and descendants to absorb what Jett reveals about the damning documented historical evidence that puts our upside-down world into perspective, and bring razor-sharp focus to what we are up against and what we must do about it!

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