The Zionist Control of America

by Ian56

Netanyahu and Likud control the US government through pro Zionist billionaire Oligarchs, Lobbyist Groups like AIPAC, and the mainstream media.

Israeli spokeswoman, Tzipora Menache, stated in February 2009 that she was not worried about negative ramifications the Israeli onslaught on Gaza in 2008 might have on the way the Obama administration would view Israel.

Sheldon Adelson is by far the largest donor (aka briber) to the GOP and Trump. Adelson laid down certain conditions on funding Trump for the 2018 mid-terms. These included moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, maintaining the illegal occupation of Syria and withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal. There may have been others like “recognizing” the illegally occupied Golan Heights as Israeli and giving a blank cheque to illegal Israeli settlement building in the West Bank.

Adelson funded the GOP to the tune of ~$30m in 2018. Adelson donated around $100m to Trump in 2016. Adelson like every other big political donor doesn’t do this for any altruistic reasons, he expects his pound of flesh in return.

Adelson is a long term friend of Netanyahu and takes instructions of what Netanyahu wants and then demands that from the US politicians that Adelson is bribing with election “donations”. The same goes for AIPAC and other pro Israel lobby groups.

Adelson funds a large circulation free daily “newspaper” in Israel (Israel Hayom) at great personal expense which is the main source of pro Netanyahu propaganda in Israel. Other Israeli media are far more critical of Netanyahu’s government and far more critical of Israel than US media is (especially Hebrew language outlets which are rarely read in the West).

The original big backers and big donors to Trump in 2015 were the rabidly pro Zionist billionaire Oligarchs Mercers who own Breitbart.

Ted Cruz was funded in 2016 by 3 rabidly pro Zionist “Christian” Evangelical billionaire Oligarchs who supplied over 50% of his total donations.

Marco Rubio was funded by rabid pro Zionist Globalist Paul Singer.

If you want to know who owns the politicians just look at their biggest donors.

There are dozens of other rabid pro Zionist Oligarchs who “donate” to one or other of the two major parties. The Sheldon Adelson equivalent for the Dems is Haim Saban who was the largest donor to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Something like 24 of the top 30 personal donors to Hillary in 2016 were Israel First billionaire Oligarchs.

AIPAC wields immense power in the US and demands a loyalty oath to Israel from all candidates to Congress and the Presidency. Anyone who does not get the approval of AIPAC will be opposed by an extremely well funded opponent who HAS signed AIPAC’s loyalty oath.
The full weight of the Zionist controlled mainstream media will also be used to relentlessly smear anyone not rabidly pro Zionist, in the Zionist controlled Corporate media while the AIPAC approved candidate will receive major positive press coverage from dozens of both National and Local outlets.

The real foreign meddling in US elections is not carried out by Russia – it has always been carried out by Israel for the last 50 plus years. This fact is of course never mentioned by the pro Zionist media.

There are several other very well funded rabid pro Zionist Lobbyist Groups in the US, such as the ADL, FDD, CSIS and AEI.

ALL of the Corporate media in the US is owned and/or controlled by rabid pro Zionists who push rabid pro Zionist propaganda. (I don’t know of any of the top 100 or 200 outlets that aren’t.) This includes all of the top TV stations – Fox, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC as well as the top National papers – WaPo, NYT, La Times, WSJ etc, right down to click-bait jokers like Buzzfeed and everything in between like Bloomberg, Daily Beast, Vox, Gateway Pundit, Washington “Free” Beacon (funded by Paul Singer see above) etc. etc.

It also includes all of the major players in Hollywood – Studio Owners/CEOs, Producers, Directors and Actors.
If you are not pro Zionist you will be blacklisted, side lined, or shunned by Hollywood.
Anyone who dares to speak up for Palestinian rights or speaks up against Israel’s abuses of the Palestinians, will find their career rapidly disappearing down a very steep slope.
If anyone can name me a pro Palestinian Producer, Director, Actor or Screen Writer who is still working in Hollywood on major movie projects – please let me know. I don’t know of any.

Anyone who isn’t rabidly pro Zionist and dares to put their head above the parapet and legitimately criticizes Israel or the policies of the Israeli government, will be relentlessly attacked and smeared by the pro Zionist Establishment Corporate media and bought and paid for politicians as “antisemitic”.

Why is Israel the only country that cannot be criticized in the West?
You can criticize America and the US government, Trump, Obama, the UK and the UK government, Germany, Merkel, Iran, China, Russia and anyone else.
But not Israel.
And not Netanyahu.
Anyone who dares to criticize the policies of the Israeli government will be subjected to relentless personal attacks and smears, and ostracized by the Western Establishment.

The video clip of Shulamit Aloni on Democracy Now

The Corporate media basically doesn’t employ anyone who isn’t a rabid Zionist and if they make an occasional mistake they will fire whoever that person is – see e.g. Chris Hedges who got fired from the NYT and is now blacklisted from all Corporate media.

The opposite also applies. People who are prepared to tell the most outrageous lies and push the most outrageous disinfo propaganda on behalf of Israel or their allies will be promoted to lucrative positions in the Corporate “News” or Entertainment worlds.

Its not difficult for a rookie reporter, director, talking head pundit, or politician, to work out which way the wind blows. The vast majority of them do not even need to be told what to do (or not do) for “career advancement”.

Which is why finding a “Moment of Truth” in Corporate media is so rare and so newsworthy when it happens.
Deliberate Cover Ups of the Truth are 10,000 times more likely than any Truth Telling in Corporate Media.

Here is one of those rare “Moments of Truth”.
Noura Erakat, Assistant Professor at George Mason University explains why the Great March of Return protests in Gaza are happening, on CBS in May 2018.

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CBS host schooled on Israel Palestine reality

Far, far more common is this example of an outrageous deliberate cover up of major news by the entire Mainstream Media.
Not a word about this major revelation, which should be Front Page news in every reputable news organization, has been printed so far:

Leaked OPCW Engineer’s Report exposes OPCW cover up of Terrorist War Crimes in Syria on behalf of the US, UK and French governments

The fact that the Douma “gas attack” that occurred in April 2018, was NOT widely reported at the time as being a likely staged False Flag event by the US, UK and Saudi backed terrorists Jaish-al-Islam and the White Helmets just goes to prove there is no “Free Press” in the West.

Anyone who did ask fundamental, basic and obvious questions about the official narrative was silenced or ignored. It is one of a great many examples proving that a “Free Press” simply does not exist in the West and only “officially approved” opinions are allowed to be aired.

The evidence that this was a staged event, was immediately overwhelming from the obvious inconsistencies in the videos and pictures supplied by the terrorists, the multiple eyewitness accounts of local people saying there wasn’t any “gas attack” and reports of honest journalists like Robert Fisk.

Social Media was immediately awash with hundreds of honest, evidence based, people examining the available evidence and pointing out the numerous obvious inconsistencies in the official accounts which were all sourced from the terrorists who controlled that area of Douma during the “event”.

It is evidence that no honest people (or very few – say one in 10,000) are employed by Corporate media. Because nobody employed by the mainstream media asked these same very obvious questions.

Robert Fisk who has been covering the Middle East for over 30 years is one of the few honest reporters we have left.

Robert Fisk: The search for truth in the rubble of Douma – there is no evidence of any “chemical weapons attack”. No local residents have heard of any such event. White Helmets Wahhabi Jihadi propagandists all left on the evacuation bus with the terrorists

There was a concerted effort by the Establishment Corporate media and Neocon War Industry propagandists to silence anyone who did ask entirely logical questions about this event at the time (and there were LOTS – including me).

UK Major General Jonathan Shaw, former head of the SAS, is interviewed on Sky News and is immediately shut down after a few seconds when he goes off message and begins with “why the hell would Assad use chemical weapons when he is winning?”

Another fact that is NEVER mentioned in Western Corporate Media is that Israel has supported al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists from the very beginning of the War in Syria in 2011 to turn it into a Failed State for the terrorists.
Regime Change in Libya was also carried out by arming and supporting known al-Qaeda supporting terrorists from the LIFG, which is also never mentioned by the MSM.

Neither is the fact that the Neocon Wars have been fought for the benefit of Israel and pushed by the Israel Lobby since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, which was sold to the public on nothing but lies by Dick Cheney’s Neocon PNAC crew.

Or that the invasion of Iraq had been planned by Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz from the mid 1990’s (long before 9/11).

The Real Reasons the Neocons invaded Iraq in 2003

Neither do the Mainstream Media ever mention the various Israeli plans for multiple Regime Change operations in the Middle East, for “the Greater Israel Project”:
Yinon Plan 1982
A Clean Break 1996
PNAC docs – 1997 to 2000
(See above article on the Iraq invasion for details on all of these.)

Neither do they ever mention that Trump’s “National Security Adviser” John Bolton was a co-author of “A Clean Break” with Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz and Bill Kristol, and a member of PNAC that plotted the Neocon Regime Change Wars, that have turned the Middle East into such a disaster, killed upwards of 3 million people, cost American taxpayers $7tn (so far), and caused the greatest refugee crisis since WW2 with over 20 million displaced people.

Whatever happened to Trump’s campaign promise of ending the Neocon Regime Change Wars?
Why did he hire one of the major architects and promoters of the disastrous Iraq invasion – John Bolton?
Why don’t the Mainstream Media continually lambast Trump for hiring rabid Neocons like John Bolton?

Netanyahu lied to you about Iraq’s non-existent nuclear weapons in 2002.
Netanyahu lied to you when he said “invading Iraq would be of great benefit to the region”.
Don’t let him lie you into another disastrous war against Iran in 2019.

“Any Dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the US media.” Noam Chomsky

Similar systems of pro Zionist control also exist in the UK, Canada, Australia and France.

War Criminal and Mass Murderer Tony Blair is still invited to make regularly appearances on UK TV, instead of languishing in jail for the rest of his life that his massive crimes deserve.
Mainstream Media in the US is busy rehabilitating War Criminals like GW Bush, instead of calling them out on their lies and their War Crimes.

For more information on the Neocon Wars and the latest Regime Change operation sold on nothing but lies in Iran (none of which is ever mentioned in the corrupt MSM) please see this:
Compendium of Important Articles on Geopolitics, The Neocon Wars, Globalism, The Russiagate Hoax and Civil Rights Abuses




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