Their loyalty will not be found wanting…

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And of course, even if the GOP takes back the House or Trump manages to win again, there will be no official investigations into any of the media’s seditious behavior over the last four years.

Where is the Bureau’s counter-intelligence units, or the House Internal Security Committee (HISC), to investigate and officially deal with these subversive organizations?

Oh yeah: both were co-opted or eliminated years ago, with the UniParty/Deep State leadership disarming the USG from officially stopping these Marxist and progressive incursions into American society (and educational systems).

If the GOP takes back the House, the first thing they need to do is resurrect the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HCUA), which became the HISC in 1969. And there have to be more federal and state investigative and action units devoted to stopping Leftist/Communist activities in their AOR. Plus a special Art. III court system to handle these seditious political cases.

There will be complaints about such organizations, of course–just add their names to the arrest lists. The special courts will figure out who is innocent, and who is heading to the walls.



h/t SG & Poshboy


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