Kamala fought to preserve convictions against the innocent – to further her own political career…. failed campaign still owes $1.1 million to vendors

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Kamala Harris will be an amazing VP. Look at her track record.

Kamala Harris Failed Campaign Still Owes $1.1 Million to Vendors

Clearly, the woman is not good at managing her $$$

“Democrat vice presidential pick Sen. Kamala Harris still owes at least $1.1 million to vendors from her failed bid for the White House, show Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings.

Bloomberg News reports:

Harris raised about $39 million for her presidential bid in 2019, including transfers from her Senate campaign account, while spending about $40 million, the FEC filings show. She suspended her campaign in December, amid declining poll numbers and fundraising, with some of her vendors ending up with unpaid bills.


Perkins Coie LLP, the international law firm whose election lawyers work for top Democrats, was owed $523,883 at the end of June. Corporate and private security provider TorchStone Global LLC was owed $160,702, while SCRB Strategies, a California political consulting firm had $92,408 in outstanding invoices. Harris’s campaign ended June with $116,380 in the bank, not enough to pay off her debts. This year, donors have given a little more than $48,000, including maximum $2,800 donations from Cornerstone OnDemand Inc. co-founder Adam Miller and his wife Staci. Under federal law, the campaign can’t be shut down while it has outstanding debts.

Harris ended her own bid for the White House in December amid dismal poll numbers and reported turmoil in her campaign. Although the California Democrat launched her campaign with much fanfare, her failed path to the White House never generated support akin to top tier candidates such as Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), and of course, her running mate, Joe Biden.

In addition to Harris, Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) failed campaign still owed $1.8 million as of the end of June, while Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) was still on the hook for $785,890.”


A PLATFORM OF LIES: Ann Althouse: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris deploy the Charlottesville hoax to stir up racial pain and anger.

On his first day of campaigning with his running mate, he led with that. I say “he,” but I don’t really believe it’s him. I think it’s more likely that he’s a foggy-minded figurehead, and other people have decided to frame the message like that. I consider these people — whoever they are — despicable. They have chosen quite deliberately to commit to a lie that is intended to make black people feel hated and they are doing it for political gain.

As my earlier post about the tweet says, I blogged in April 2019, “If Biden does not come forward and retract [a video relying on the Charlottesville hoax] and apologize and commit himself to making amends, I consider him disqualified. He does not have the character or brain power to be President.” Now, more than a year later, Biden has done the opposite. He’s doubled down on the lie and he’s making it the centerpiece of his campaign!

They’re terrible people who would happily wreck the country so long as they wound up ruling over the wreckage.





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