Theory: Coronavirus is already all over Europe

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by SpearOfOrion

I’m from southern Spain, and this week like 20% of my classmates report flu/cold symptoms, me included. Important info: I already had the flu in around November or so, so I should be immune to the seasonal flu. Before you call me crazy hear me out:

In terms of symptoms, corona virus is pretty much just a flu that’s more infectious and lethal. In young/healthy people it just manifests as a something like a cold, with maybe mild fever. What if it’s already spread like wildfire and it’s ignored because the symptoms are so common? Especially in winter. You literally can’t tell it apart from a flu unless you do specific exams.

If it’s really that contained then how does the fucking Vice-President of Iran have corona virus? If only like 0.0001% of people have it, it’s like winning the lottery. My thoughts are, he just happened to be tested because of his status.



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