There goes the sewage system.

As the toilet paper crisis ramps up, many Australians are turning to alternative products — but these photos prove using them is a big mistake.

Shocking photos have emerged online revealing exactly what happens to sewage pipes when people attempt to flush items other than toilet paper.

Right now amid coronavirus pandemic fears, Australian shoppers are struggling to ensure they have enough toilet paper, a situation that is causing mayhem in supermarkets.

Shelves are stripped bare as soon as they’re stocked, leaving many turning to alternative products such as wet wipes, tissues and paper towels.

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However, even those branded “flushable” can quickly clog up sewage pipes and in some cases cause “fatbergs” to form.

A Facebook post recently shared by Channel 9 includes two images, one revealing a broken pipe stuffed with unflushable items, another showing what was removed from the pipes in graphic detail.

The caption included a stern reminder from South Australia water to “only flush toilet paper and bodily waste to prevent choking the system”.

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One California city is warning its residents to stick to toilet paper after a shredded T-shirt flushed down the toilet caused a sewer backup.

The city of Redding said in a news release that its Wastewater Management responded on Wednesday to a sewer backup at one of its lift stations after someone apparently used shredded T-shirts in place of toilet paper.