There needs to be an SEC investigation into Moderna.

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There needs to be an SEC investigation into Moderna. Everything about what the CEO did yesterday wreaks of manipulation. Went on CNBC pre market to read off the results of phase 1 so the stock will rip 30% at the open so he can do an equity offering that afternoon

Vaccine experts say Moderna didn’t produce data critical to assessing Covid-19 vaccine

Heavy hearts soared Monday with news that Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine candidate — the frontrunner in the American market — seemed to be generating an immune response in Phase 1 trial subjects. The company’s stock valuation also surged, hitting $29 billion, an astonishing feat for a company that currently sells zero products.

But was there good reason for so much enthusiasm? Several vaccine experts asked by STAT concluded that, based on the information made available by the Cambridge, Mass.-based company, there’s really no way to know how impressive — or not — the vaccine may be.

While Moderna blitzed the media, it revealed very little information — and most of what it did disclose were words, not data. That’s important: If you ask scientists to read a journal article, they will scour data tables, not corporate statements. With science, numbers speak much louder than words.

Even the figures the company did release don’t mean much on their own, because critical information — effectively the key to interpreting them — was withheld.

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