There were countless lies told at today's confirmation hearings for the new FBI Director Christopher Wray. By ALL parties, Republicans, Dems & Wray himself

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a. Lie: The FBI operates according to the Constitution and within the law to benefit the American population.
Truth: The FBI has operated totally outside the Law and outside the U.S. Constitution ever since its foundation in the 1920’s.
See e.g. the use of unconstitutionally obtained Mass Surveillance on every American by the NSA
b. Lie: Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is a “good guy”.
Truth: Mueller was appointed by GW Bush to lie and cover up the facts of 9/11 and invented Fake Terror plots to justify  a large increase in his department’s budget. Mueller is an embedded part of the corrupt political Establishment, paid to protect the Establishment by Big Banks, major Corporations & Oligarchs.
c. Lie: The FBI is “apolitical”
Truth: The FBI has ALWAYS been political ever since its foundation and J. Edgar Hoover set up a dossier to enable him to blackmail EVERY member of Congress, the President, senior WH staff and the judiciary (among other senior public figures). Biggest joke is that Hoover liked cross dressing but Hoover used his blackmail files to stop any of the media or politicians from exposing it

The FBI’s major purpose is to protect the Establishment (major Oligarchs and Corporations) not the American people.
So anything that contradicts or ridicules the Establishment narrative has to be suppressed.
d. Lie: The FBI protects the American people.
Truth: The FBI protects the corrupt Establishment political elite at the expense of the ordinary people.
e. Lie: James Comey is a “good guy”
Truth: Comey is a lying corrupt treasonous scumbag who has worked to protect the Clintons since the corrupt Marc Rich pardon in 2001 for which the Clintons were bribed. Comey was heavily involved in money laundering for HSBC and got ~$6m “lawyering” for Lockheed Martin.
Comey undoubtedly committed perjury under oath during the Congressional “Russiagate” hearings & should be prosecuted for it. Maximum sentence 5 years.
f. Lie: The FBI is “Constitutional”
Truth: There is nothing in the first 9 Amendments authorizing a Federal Police force. The 10th Amendment specifically states anything not specifically stated above remains the exclusive privilege of the individual states. State Police forces are Constitutional the FBI is not (as it is under the control of the Federal government and not State Police forces).
g. The hearings were a repeated sounding board among the bipartisan political hacks in Washington DC to endlessly repeat the evidence free and completely false assertions that “Russia hacked the election”. These were from Day 1 a hoax to shoot the messenger to deflect from DC and Hillary corruption to rig the primaries against Bernie Sanders.
The DNC and Podesta emails were LEAKED and NOT hacked.
See (among many others) the assertions of 36 year senior NSA veteran William Binney and U.S. Cyber security expert Jeffrey Carr.
The false allegations of Russian meddling are being used to push the Neocon agenda for WW3 with Russia, e.g. by John McCain and Lindsey Graham
When you are accused of a crime, the first thing to do is go shoot the messenger – which is exactly what the DNC attempted to do

Unasked questions about the “Russiagate”  allegations

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