Theresa And Boris Are Terrorists

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by Chris

Now that Porton Down has decided to preserve its own authority at the expense of the lying pair Boris Johnson and Theresa May, things are about to get interesting.

As noted on Zerohedge this morning, the UK Foreign Office has quietly deleted this tweet:

They had to delete the Tweet because Porton Down recently said, unequivocally, that they could not determine “where the Novichok was made.”

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The UK FCO has not yet deleted this tweet, but that should be expected shortly:

What’s the difference between “no doubt” and “we have no idea where it was made”?

Well, everything, especially when the largest diplomatic confrontation with a major nuclear super power in our lifetimes was the response.

This was beyond inept and was a criminal act by Theresa May, Boris Johnson, and every one of their allies.

It was outright lying to advance a dangerous political agenda.  In other words; terrorism.

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Hey, if we’re going to be calling everyone who does something even slightly, possibly damaging to the state a terrorist, then the same moniker has to apply to those whose deceitful actions could lead to the complete destruction of the state.

Fair is fair.

Current UK “leadership” is as embarassing as any in the world right now.


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