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The proposal was Sen. Rand Paul’s “Penny Plan” to balance the federal budget by 2023 via one percent annual spending cuts, with only Social Security exempted. Twenty GOP senators voted for it, 29 GOPers voted against, as did all of the Senate’s Democrats.

“The bottom line is whether the debt is threatening our national security, whether it’s threatening the security and the economic foundation of our country, and I think without question it is,” Paul told his colleagues on the Senate floor.

“This vote is a litmus test for conservatives. Are you a conservative? Do you think we can cut one penny out of every dollar? I think it is a conservative notion that we have long said we are for. Now it’s time to step up to the plate and actually vote what you say you stand for,” Paul continued. LifeZette’s Brendan Kirby took names, but it will be voters who will kick GOP you-know-whats.

These GOPers Opposed Balanced Budget
Senators who voted against Sen. Rand Paul’s “penny” plan
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Senator State
Lamar Alexander Tennessee
Roy Blunt Missouri
John Boozman Arkansas
Richard Burr North Carolina
Shelley M. Capito West Virginia
Bill Cassidy Louisiana
Susan Collins Maine
Bob Corker Tennessee
Tom Cotton Arkansas
Cory Gardner Colorado
Lindsey Graham South Carolina
Orrin Hatch Utah
Dean Heller Nevada
John Hoeven North Dakota
Cindy Hyde-Smith Missisisppi
James Inhofe Oklahoma
Johnny Isakson Georgia
Mitch McConnell Kentucky
Lisa Murkowski Alaska
David Perdue Georgia
Rob Portman Ohio
Pat Roberts Kansas
Mike Rounds South Dakota
Richard Shelby Alabama
Dan Sullivan Alaska
John Thune South Dakota
Thom Tillis North Carolina
Roger Wicker Mississippi
Todd Young Indiana
Source: U.S. Senate


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