THESE Are the 10 Worst Cities On Earth!

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What do YOU think is the “best” city on earth, in your experience?

Today there is so much inequality, so much poverty, and very little chance that this won’t continue to get worse. The root cause of this issue will never be resolved because the average person was never told and unless they start digging, they will never know. Our entire monetary system was created purposely to create nations full of slaves. And that’s the truth.


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chartoftheday_5548_the_world_s_10_most_liveable_cities_n.jpg (960×684)


chartoftheday_15062_global_cities_ranked_by_least_liveability_n.jpg (960×684)

The financial crisis in Turkey means Brits can party there for 1990 prices, with beer at £1.22 a pint

Average American worker takes less vacation than a medieval peasant – Business Insider

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