THESE Charts Scare Traders! Multiple Charts Show Not Much Time Left Before A Crash!

Do you see the forgetfulness that people seem to have? Every single time.

“When the yield curve starts to flatten out, traders start wetting the bed” – David Quintieri

There have been countless indicators which show in the previous cycles, once something hits a particular level, the market crashes. It keeps happening. Every single time, people are in denial. But the market is ruthless. People learn lessons and then immediately forget. Well little goldfish, can’t say you weren’t warned.

4-debt-by-foreign-investors.png (601×370)

5-debt-as-assets.png (624×309)

3-with-arrow.png (665×437)

chart2_0.jpg (500×309)

As Toys R Us Fails, the Retail Real Estate Glut Is Getting Worse – Bloomberg

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