They are coming for your cars. Biden Infrastructure Bill Mandates Drunk-Driver Detector Surveillance Systems For New Cars

Overreaching Government approved this shit in the spending bill.

Infrastructure Bill Would Require Alcohol Monitors for All New Cars

“ADVANCED IMPAIRED DRIVING TECHNOLOGY,” which mandates new vehicles include “a system that … passively and accurately detect whether the blood alcohol concentration of a driver of a motor vehicle is equal to or greater than the blood alcohol concentration” of .08, in which case the system would “prevent or limit motor vehicle operation.”

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Automobile manufacturers would have a three-year grace period to comply with the regulation.

Christian Fjeld, vice president of ML Strategies and MADD’s lobbyist on the issue, spent nearly a decade working with Democratic leadership on the Senate Committee on Commerce,

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) said a final vote on the bill could happen as early as Wednesday,


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