They are sending a clear message to everyone that if you don’t toe the party line, you will get cancelled.

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NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Outraged by the invasion of Ukraine, lawmakers in New Jersey’s largest city lashed out at one of the closest symbols of Russia they could find — a pair of Lukoil gas stations.

The Newark City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to ask the city’s business administrator to suspend the service stations’ operating licenses, citing Lukoil’s base in Moscow.

In doing so, however, they may have predominantly been hurting Americans.

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The stations are franchises owned by locals, not Russians. They employ mostly New Jersey residents. And the gasoline sold at the stations comes from a local Phillips 66 refinery.

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They seems to be coming for crypto, they want the CBDC.
But at this time, crypto seems like a useful tool for them right now as it acts as a giant sink that can erase billions in digital fiat with each dump which somewhat helps curb inflation as they have the money machines cranked up to high.

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And now, Hillary on BTC…

Hillary Clinton: #Bitcoin threatens US dollar as reserve currency, destabilizes nations




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