They need to be made liable for censorship.

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NY POST: Big Tech’s Sinister Pro-Biden Bias.

The “Facebook-owned social-media giant Instagram” is characterizing “well-established criticisms” of Joe Biden and his 1994 crime bill as “False,” reports blogger Glenn Greenwald. A post on the platform “said nothing more than what Biden’s chosen running mate, Kamala Harris, has herself said” — namely, that the ’94 law “contributed to the mass incarceration of Americans generally and African Americans specifically.” Indeed, many “media outlets, criminal-justice experts and politicians from both parties” have said the same. Yet Instagram plastered a “False” label on the post, saying it had “no basis in fact.” A tech giant declaring someone “a disseminator of disinformation for voicing long-standing and well-documented criticisms of” Biden is a scary preview of “a future in which unseen tech overlords police our discourse by unilaterally arbitrating truth and falsity, decree what are permissible and impermissible ideas and rigidly impose the boundaries of acceptable debate.”

Senator Ted Cruz exposed the federal funding of Hollywood on the Senate floor this week and introduced a bill to cut it over their Chinese censorship. #TedCruz. #Hollywood.

NEXT LEVEL CENSORSHIP: Facebook owned @instagram is now blocking private conversations (DM)


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