They Really Hate White America

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by Chris Black

They lied when they started taking the statues down.

They said that they would be moved to museums, and they were still pieces of art that would be preserved.

That was a lie.

Now they have given this piece of art to an “African American History Museum” who plans to melt it down and use the material to create a work that is representative of “inclusivity and racial justice.”

In other words, a hideous piece of postmodern trash.

This is being done specifically to stomp on the faces of White people in the South and everywhere, and they are laughing.

Respect to everyone that marched to try to prevent this abomination.

The statue is an amazing sculpture crafted by Henry Shrady, an dit is going to be destroyed by stupid, fat, indolent epigones.

Even on just raw, objective terms, this is an abomination. This is historical vandalism, and not a Goddamn right-winger, Conservative, or Republican did anything except talk shit about the very people trying to stop this from happening.

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Occupying forces always destroy monuments of history and culture but our invaders hate us so much that they’re taking it a step farther.

It’s not enough to ruin the lives of everyone that tried to defend their history on August 12, 2017.

It’s not enough to demand millions of dollars in damages.

It’s not even enough to take the statue down.

These evil people are changing the statue from a relic of our history into a disgusting and ugly representation of the very people hate us and want our children dead.

They want to reap the benefits of the nation that our ancestors built by turning us into second class citizens and they think that they’re running the victory lap.

It’s quite the metaphor really, the manipulation of beauty, tradition, and history into something ugly, evil, and subversive.

This speaks volumes to just how vicious these enemies are and how important it is for us to work diligently within our communities to protect our culture and heritage.

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