They screwed up the case: Grand jury was NEVER in session; DA lied on subpoenas!! Will officers walk?

This guy really screwed up entirely, taken from the article:

Screw up number one-

Fox 5 notes, however, that these grand jury subpoenas were
issued while the grand jury was suspended. The grand jury
“had been suspended on March 13 because of the COVID-19

The issuing of grand jury subpoenas while there is no grand
jury could be “an ethical or possibly criminal issue
according to legal experts who spoke with the Fox 5.

Gable Cino, who is a law professor that specializes in
prosecutorial misconduct, told the outlet, “It would be a
violation of criminal law to make a knowingly false
statement or misrepresentation in the subpoena which is a
document that has been issued.”

GBI Director Vic Reynolds said that the department was aware
of the matter and apparently is looking into it.

Screw up number 2-

GBI was already investigating Howard earlier this year
over a “mysterious salary supplement negotiated between
Howard and then Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed” that directed
$250,000 over a a 3-year period into a non-profit that was
run by the DA’s office, Fox 5 reports. Howard allegedly
took $140,000 from those funds to supplement his own

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Does that not mean this case is entirely been brought
about falsely?

I hope someone with ‘legal knowledge speak’ can come in
here and tell us what are the implications here.

Can they be re-charged?

Are they free to go?

And the ever frightening question…..will the public behave
badly over this? Even though it’s clearly not the fault
of the state directly, are we in for another—-



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