THEY THINK WE STILL TRUST THEM: PolitiFact Gaslights Readers on Late Night’s Comically Obvious Liberal Bias.

Savvy readers long ago stopped trusting fact checking services, and for very good reasons.

Sites like often go to comical lengths to either downplay Democrats who twist the truth or pretend Republicans actually lied when reality tells a different story.

Here are two quick examples. The first is from The Federalist, which heroically points out the bias behind these alleged fact checks on a regular basis:

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While politicians and bureaucrats across the U.S. have demonstrated their hypocrisy by violating their own COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, USA Today stepped up to the plate to defend them.

Their fact check not only amplified each of the Democrats’ runaround excuses for their contradictory behavior, but it also pointed the finger at the Trump administration for violating CDC guidelines about masks, social distancing, and quarantining.

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Snopes and USA Today have repeatedly fact checked The Babylon Bee, a right of center satire site without offering similar coverage for its main competitor, The Onion.

Now, PolitiFact is doing damage control for late night comedy.


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