CNN admits Pfizer vaccine is still in phase 3 trials

Ongoing trial shows Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine remains highly effective after six months

“The ongoing Phase 3 clinical trial of Pfizer/BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine confirms its protection lasts at least six months after the second dose, the companies said Thursday.“

“Phase III trials compare a new drug to the standard-of-care drug. These trials assess the side effects of each drug and which drug works better. Phase III trials enroll 100 or more patients.“

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The cnn article goes on to state the Pfizer vaccine “protects” you from the “variants” (no isolated covid 19 exists)

Chief epidemiologist of Chinese CDC admitted “They Didn’t Isolate The Virus”.

The biggest overlooked point here is this vaccine is still considered an ongoing experiment based on lies. Secondly they say “protection” lasts at least 6 mo. at this point, showing either the antibodies are long lived and/or the body is still producing spike proteins.

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3 Fully Vaccinated People Catch Covid-19 Coronavirus, Says Hawaii DOH

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